Bun Maska and Chai – German Bakery

My friends from Mumbai visited us recently. And what a weekend it was. Pune is known for its youth culture, software engineers and enthusiastic families. And restaurants and cafes are absolutely flooded with this cheerful, energetic crowd. German Bakery is one of such places.

A few years ago German Bakery had been in the news for very tragic reasons and it gave me shivers to visit the place, thinking about the families that have lost their loved ones in the bombing.  Nevertheless I did visit.

German Bakery is located in one of the poshest areas of Pune, i.e Koregaon Park. Its a few steps away from Osho’s Ashram, which makes it a great attraction for foreigners. So expect a global menu, most of which is meant to please our guests.

We were greeted with tough security, like those in malls, at the entrance, which wasn’t a shock. But the place was quaint like a cozy nest, full of white tables and chairs and colored mosaic table tops, graffiti on the walls, a Deutsche bakery counter and a typical glass counter filled with baked goodies surrounded with funky pictures downloaded off the internet, neatly framed and hung on the walls.




We ordered Bun Maska and Chai. Now when one orders chai and bun maska, one expects it to be pretty cheap. Yeah, well it wasn’t.

The chai was a pretty good one though. Milk perfectly blended with chai-ki-patti. The kind that has been re-boiled until it gets thick and creamy. Tea happened to be a bit on the stronger side and chai masala was mild. Sip it up quick, or it gets cold really fast. Pune’s weather is crazy, I tell you.


The bun was rather a small one. And maska happened to be the home made white, unsalted butter that our would grandmothers make. It was rather generously slathered and most of it had seeped into the bun, which had tiny pieces of those colored jelly like chunks. Fruit bun they call it.  I loved how the top of the bun was beautifully covered with powdered sugar sprinkled all over. It just sweetly tickles your tongue and melts into your mouth while you bite into the soft English bun.

There was a happy surprise too. The order came with a plate of two complimentary heart shaped cookies. Basically they were the standard naan khataais in a cute shape. So nothing special about them apart from the fact that they don’t get listed on your bill.


What I say: Overall a great eat. Do visit if you want to try an English and classy version of bun maska. Don’t go if you can’t stand anything modifications of the typical Irani, oddly shaped, dripping with butter bun maska.

It looks: Quirky! With iron tables and benches, which a a bit uncomfortable to sit on. Lighting is pretty dull, which might be their idea, but didn’t amuse the way it should have. Mosquitoes? yes!





They serve: Okayish. Not too quick, not too slow. Acceptable, considering one goes to such places not in a rush, but to relax and kill time.

What made me smile: Their bright and colourful mascot, the owl. The lit up banner of the German Bakery. And the way the bill shows up in a tiny cane box. Do check out their cute owl-y illustrations describing types of coffee.  Coffee lovers will get it.




Money matters: 50 Rs. for Bun Maska , 70 Rs. Chai. (has to be one of the most expensive teas I’ve had. Heart shaped cookies for free.



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